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Nas, AZ, Cormega, Foxy Brown - Full Circle

2020 & the Greatest Living Emcee/Lyricist Better Known As Nas Escobar is still showing his *sss and why his name can't be left out when you mention, "The Best To Ever Do It" in HipHop, coming back in full circle from the 1997 Multi Platinum Album "The Firm" Nas re-unites with fellow firm members AZ, Cormega and Fox Boogie, AKA "Foxy Brown" on "Full Circle" a notable of many notables on the new album "King's Disease". There's been no doubt about the lyrical talent and catalog for the Queens Bridge Native, but a lot of pooh butt mauf*ccas seem to feel Nas' "Beat Choices" are poor. We beg to differ, what it really is that you weakass rappers can't paint pictures on Canvas unless someone has thrown paint and shit all over it. Nas has some of the most classic and legendary beats, productions ect. ever in HipHop and the man grabbed up "Hit Boy" for this street banga.....So miss him with that FAKE SHIT!!!!

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